About Me

Sun sign: Gemini
Moon sign: Gemini
Rising sign: Cancer

4 Jaguar
8 of clubs

I married Margaret Shebalin on 26 August 2001, in San Francisco, California.

ddull04.jpg Engineering graduation party, 1984

ddull05.jpg MBA graduation party, 1988

ddull01.gif SGI, taken with an Indy digital camera, 1993.

ddull02.gif SGI, taken with a standard camera, and scanned on an HP Scanjet 4C, 1996.

Schwab SI Schwab Institutional, digital camera, 2000.

Sea Life Park David and the dolphins, Sea Life Park, Oahu, professional shot, Kodak scanner, 2000.

dsportcoat.jpg Prof. Dull, ready to coach at USF, 2002.

ebf8.jpg Las Vegas Halloween party, 2004.

Schwab CMS Schwab CMS, digital camera, 2006

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