Some Ohio Dulls


"The Dull Family" 

Prepared by Gordon Dull.  



There are records of two emigrants, Casper Dull, 
born 1716 Hesse, on the Rhine, Dornstadt, Germany, 
and Frederick Dull, born 1724 -- perhaps brothers.  
There were men by the name Dull in the American 

It is said that some originally pronounced the 
name in German as Von Dull.  I personally have 
been able to trace back to John Dull and Eliza-
beth (Putman) Dull, who lived in Bedford County, 
Pennsylvania in 1795, and later in Somerset County, 

I noted that there are many Putmans in the 
same cemetary that Peter and Catherine Dull are 
buried in, in Mercer County, Ohio, leading me to be-
lieve Putmans migrated to Ohio along with the 


John Dull (1753-1835) and wife Elizabeth (Putman) Dull (1752-
1843) lived in Bedford County, Pennsylvania in 1795 and later in 
Milford Township, Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  Their children 

John Dull	1778-1834	Hannah Lenhart
Peter Dull	1779-1851	Eve K. Knable
Catherine			Married a Mr. Pile
Susan				Married a Mr. Whipkey
George Dull	1794-1852	58 yrs. old
Magdalen			Married a Mr. Speicher
Elizabeth			Married a Mr. Sipe

	John and Elizabeth are buried in the New Centerville Cemetery.  
From Somerset you take Hwy. 281 south to Centerville approx-
imately 8 miles.  There is a new Lutheran Church with adjoining 
cemetery.  They are eight rows from the church towards highway.  

	The last will indicates Peter Dull as the administrator--heirs are 
listed as George Dull, Elizabeth Sipe, John Pile, Peter Dull, John 
Wiemer, John Baker and Jonathum Lechlem.  


	John Dull and Hannah (Lenhart) Dull were born, reared and 
married in eastern Pa.  He was born in the year of 1778.  After his 
marriage to Hannah, they located in Fayette Co., Pa. where he 
farmed for some years.  In 1832 they moved to Stark Co., Ohio 
where he entered 320 acres of land and set to work to hew out a 
home, but at the end of 2 years, both he and his wife were swept 
away with the scourge of that year 1834 (Asiatic Cholera).  They 
were members of the Lutheran Church and the parents of 13 child-
ren--the following:  

1.  Peter	Born June 4, 1800 - Married Catherine Schlater
2.  Anna Maria 
    (Mary)	Born March 1, 1802 - Married Henry Schlater
3.  Joseph	Born January 9, 1804 - Married Elizabeth DunBould
4.  Philipena
    (Phoebe)	Born March 7, 1806 - Married John Schlater
5.  John	Born January 15, 1808 - Married Mary Harbough
6.  Elizabeth	Born June 4, 1813 - Married Simon Wyandt
7.  Lenhart	Born September 11, 1815 - Married Susan Ream
8.  Jacob	Born May 1, 1817 - Married Harriet Ream
9.  Johanna
    (Hannah)	Born May 11, 1819 - Married William Agler
10. Elias	Born February 3, 1822 - Married Jane Walters
11. Catherine	Born December 27, 1824 - Married Peter Brubaker
12. Died in infancy
13. Died in infancy 

Time of Deaths:  
Peter			Died April 7, 1888, nearly 87 yrs.
Anna Maria (Mary)	Died about 1882, about 80 yrs.  
Joseph			Died October 17, 1891, age 87 yrs. 
Philipena (Phoebe)	Died April 1887, about 81 yrs.  
John			Died August 28, 1849, about 41 yrs.  
Elizabeth		Died October 9, 1900, age 87 yrs.  
Lenhart			Died May 8, 1892, age about 79 yrs.  
Jacob			Died June 1, 1904, age 87 yrs.  
Johanna (Hannah)	Died 1894, age about 75 yrs.  
Elias			Died September 3, 1907, age 85 yrs. 6 mos. 
Catherine		Died July 28, 1909, age 84 yrs.  

	This information was taken from Page 416 - History of VanWert 
and Mercer Co., Ohio.  


Peter Dull

	One of the early settlers of the county was born in Pennsylvania, 
June 4, 1800 and moved to this county in 1840.  In 1824, he married 
Catherine Schlater of Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  Their family 
consisted of thirteen children, of whom five boys and three girls are 
still living.  Two sons were in the military service, one of whom died 
at Savannah, Georgia, while with the army of General Sherman in 
its Great "March" to the Sea.  The other, Franklin, returned at the 
close of the war.  

	Peter Dull, came to Mercer County about 1840 and purchased 
161A land in Section 6, Dublin Township.  During 1841, Peter Dull 
and wife Catherine sold this land to W.R. and P. Schlater and 
purchased 183A land in Section 10, Dublin Township.  During 
1842 - 1853 - 1855 Peter Dull also purchased most all of adjoining 
Section 3 of Dublin Township.  

	During later years, 1867 to 1882, Peter Dull deeded all of Sec-
tion 3 to Josiah, Thomas, William, Hooks, and Dull.  In the year 
1882, the home farm, Section 10 was sold 100A to Nancy Jane 
Hooks and 83 acres to William Dull.  Records we find indicate Peter 
lived on this farm with Nancy Jane Hooks till his death.  

	Peter Dull and Catherine had the following children:  
Jeremiah Dull	1827
Josiah Dull	1829-1909	Mary A (1836-1889)
Lucinda Dull	1835		Seth Temple
Samuel Dull	1834-1918	Mary O'Leary
Catherine Dull	1836-1907	Alfred Frysinger
John Dull	1837-1897	Louisa (1841-1913)
William Dull	1840-1913	Martha
Franklin Dull	1843
Nancy Jane Dull	1848-1901	Abraham Hooks
Phoebe Dull	1849
Thomas Dull	1854		Hanah Malessa
Joseph Dull	1856
Hugh Dull	1858-1925	Amanda (1859-1959)

Peter Dull was born June 4, 1800, died April 7, 1888.  He married in 
1824 to Catherine Schlater in Fayette County, Pennsylvania.  She 
was born September 30, 1804 and died October 8, 1882.  They are 
buried in Ridge Cemetery, Route 81 about 3 miles west of Highway 
118, Liberty Township, Mercer County, Ohio.  

	Josiah, John, William, Hugh, Catherine, and Nancy Jane are 
buried in a cemetery 2-1/2 miles east of Rockford, Ohio on Highway 
117, Junction with Frysinger Road.  


Samuel Dull, my great grandfather, the subject of this sketch was the 
son of Peter and Catherine (Schlater) Dull.  

	Samuel was born March 7, 1834 in Stark Co., Ohio.  His parents, 
Peter Dull and their families had traveled from Pennsylvania to Stark 
Co., Ohio in the year 1832.  

	In the year of about 1851, Samuel brought a load of horses for 
his father, by way of rail to Viroqua, Wisconsin.  Samuel would have 
been about 21 years old at that time.  We are told that he sold all of 
them except for about 2 teams and traded them for some land in 
Vernon Co., Town of Bad Ax.  

	Samuel decided to stay in Wisconsin, and in September, 1856 
he married Mary O'Leary in the town of Bad Ax, Vernon Co., Wis-
consin.  The marriage certificate states that Mary O'Leary not being 
of lawful age and her father being present, his consent was duly 
given - that Samuel one of the frontier on oath to be of legal age 
and that Peter Schlater and William Wright were the witnesses.  

	Samuel and Mary (O'Leary) Dull had the following children:  
1.  Jeremiah (Jerry)			1856-1945
2.  William				1858-1952
3.  Catherine (Kit) Altizer-Coleman	1860-1896
4.  Edward				1865-1936
5.  John				1867-1944
6.  Hanna (Elvert Ewers)		1873-1952
7.  Peter				1875-1949
8.  Mary (Gib Ewers, Frank Fry)		1875-1963
9.  Franklin				1877-1963
10. Joseph (Joe)			1883-1955

	Samuel and Mary sold their farm in Vernon County and bought 
a farm at North Clayton, where they farmed and raised their family.  
Later they turned their home farm over to John Dull and moved to 
Readstown, Wisconsin, near where Mary O'Leary lived before their 
marriage.  They lived there for a while, then moved back to North 
Clayton.  They moved a house via horses to a spot next to where 
the North Clayton Methodist Church is located today and spent the 
balance of his life there.  He died April 21, 1918 at the age of 84 
years, and is buried in the North Clayton Cemetery.  

NOTE:  That information given on the death certificate had Samuel 
Dull's birthdate at March 7, 1830 in Pennsylvania.  


	At this time, 1832, John Dull and Hannah (Lenhart) Dull had a 
family of 11 children.  

	They started their trip to Ohio from Pennsylvania.  

1.  Peter	32 yrs. old, married to Catherine Schlater.  At this 
		time they had Jeremiah, 5 yrs. old; Josiah, 3 yrs. old.  
2.  Anna	30 yrs. old, married to Henry Schlater.  
3.  Joseph	28 yrs. old, maried to Elizabeth DunBould.  at this 
		time they had two children; Phoebe and Christina.  
4.  Phoebe	26 yrs. old, married to John Schlater.  At this time 
		they had three children; Mary, Joseph and Nancy.  
5.  John	24 yrs. old, married to Mary Harbough.  
6.  Elizabeth	19 yrs. old, not married at this time, she remained in 
7.  Lenhart	17 yrs. old, not married at this time.  
8.  Jacob	16 yrs. old.  
9.  Johanna	13 yrs. old.  
10. Elias	10 yrs. old.  
11. Catherine	7 yrs. old and remained in Pannyslvania.  Actually 
		came to Ohio in 1839 with her sister Elizabeth and 
		her husband, Simon Wyandt.  

	John and Hannah (Lenhart) Dull died 2 years after arriving 
in Stark County, Ohio, with the Asiatic Cholera.  


Convoy, Ohio
August 24, 1885

Editor Bulletin:  

	Please grant us a small space in your very excellent paper for a 
report of a family reunion of the Dull family, which took place at 
the residence of Elias Dull in Willshire Township.  

	Early in the morning, the brothers and sisters, children and grand-
children all with well filled baskets, began to assemble in buggies and 
on foot until the number of relatives had swelled to about 85 persons.  

	During all this time, hand shaking and friendly greetings were 
indulged in by the friends who had been separated five, ten, twenty 
and even some forty years, and still others who on that day had first 
met.  The last time the brothers and sisters had all met together at 
one time was October, 1834, nearly fifty-one years ago.  At this 
meeting there were eleven of them present.  Two of whom since died 
vez. John Dull died in August, 1849, with that dreadful disease 
cholera, two of his sons died at the same time.  Anna Maria Schlater, 
wife of Henry Schlater, the oldest sister who lived in Davis Co., Indi-
ana, died in the year 1882, 80 yrs. old, she having emigrated to that 
county, when it was still a wilderness.  The meeting above referred 
to was at the sale of the personal estate of their parents, shortly 
after their deaths, they having both died in September, 1834 with 
the cholera--nearly the whole family had it at that time.  It was then 
remarked by an old gentleman present, that in all probability that 
would be the last time they would ever meet as a family.  But now 
after a lapse of over half a century, nine of the eleven have met at 
the residence of the younger brother, and several hundred miles from 
the place of the last meeting above referred to.  The following are 
those who still survive:  

	Peter Dull, born June 4, 1800
	Joseph Dull, born February 19, 1804
	Mrs. Phoebe Schlater, born March 7, 1806
	Mrs. Elizabeth Wyandt, born June 4, 1813
	Lenhart Dull, born August 11, 1815
	Jacob Dull, born May 1, 1817
	Mrs. Hannah Agler, born May 11, 1819
	Elias Dull, born February 3, 1822
	Mrs. Catherine Brubaker, born December 27, 1824

The two which are not living are:  

	John Dull, born January 15, 1808, died August 28, 1849
	Anna Maria, oldest sister, born March 1, 1802, died in 1882 at 
	age of 80 yrs.  

	Their total aggregating 648 years, or an average of 72 years.  
The eldest being past eighty-five and the youngest nearly sixty-one 
years of age.  They are all enjoying very good health, taking into con-
sideration their age and the privations which they have endured, 
most of them having settled in this country from forty to forty-
seven years ago, and have therefore endured the privations and hard-
ship of a pioneer life.  They were all born in Summerset Co., Penn-
sylvania, except Elias and Catherine who were born in Fayette Co., 

	John and Hannah Lenhard Dull moved to Stark Co., Ohio with 
their children in the year 1832 and it was in that county where they 
both died of cholera two years later.  Peter Dull came to Mercer Co., 
Ohio about forty-five years ago and still makes his home on the old 
homestead with his youngest daughter.  His wife died about two years 
ago.  Joseph Dull moved to Licking Co., Ohio about two years ago 
when he sold his farm there and went back to Stark Co., Ohio and 
is living with his youngest daughter, Mrs. Phebe Schlater who came 
with her husband, John Schlater, brother to Henry Schlater, to this 
county in 1838.  Jacob Dull came with them.  Mr. Schlater died about 
thirty-eight years ago.  Mrs. Schlater is still living in Vanwert with her 
daughter Mrs. R. Conn.  

	Mrs. Elizabeth Wyandt came to this county in 1839 with her 
husband, Simon Wyandt.  She still owns the old homestead in Har-
rison Township on which they first settled, but lives in Convoy, Ohio.  
Her husband died in 1859.  Lenhart and Elias Dull came to this 
county about forty-three years ago, and both have good homes in 
Willshire Township, Ohio.  

	Jacob Dull and Hannah Agler also reside in Willshire Township.  
Catherine Brubaker resides with her husband, Peter Brubaker in 
Liberty Township.  She came to this county in 1839.  

	The descendents of the nine brothers and sisters are ninety 
children, two hundred and sixty-seven grandchildren and fifty-eight 
great grandchildren.  Of these, twenty-five children, thirty-three 
grandchildren and five great grandchildren are dead.  

	A sumptuous dinner was prepared for all present, but an extra 
table was spread for the nine brothers and sisters and they all par-
took of their dinner at the same table.  An artist who had been em-
ployed to take a picture of the family was there, and each one went 
away with a picture of the family group which will be ever cherished 
by them as a great treasure.  

	The Dulls are a long lived family, but it is not at all probable 
that they will ever all meet again.  John Hurraw, a cousin from Stark 
Co. was also present with them.  The reunion throughout was one of 
the most enjoyable occasions we have ever been privileged to attend.  
All present did everything in their power to make it pleasant for all 
of them.  The day was spent in pleasant conversation and having an 
agreeable time, the occasion will long be remembered by those who 
participated in the reunion.  In the evening they bade each other a 
sad farewell and departed to their several homes, some of them in 
all probability parting, never to meet again.  We doubt whether an-
other such family can be found in the state where so many are still 
alive, and have attained so great an age.  

Signed by
Jacob Wyandt

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